AspectFaces : Untangle Your View Code

The main goal of AspectFaces is to get rid of tangled view code. This short presentation gives you a small insight on how does look a view code designed with conventional approaches with entangled concerns. Then it provides a brief overview of AspectFaces approach, that separates concerns and composes them individually at runtime for a given data.


Agent Technology Center - ATG (12.3.2013)

We were invited to present AspectFaces technology to the Agent Technology Center. Bellow we provide our AsciiDoc slides.

RedHat DevConf - schedule (23.2.2013)

RedHat gave us a great opportunity to share our technology with many developers at DevConf in Brno, CZ. It was a blast, you can see our presentation at YouTube. We also attach our slides.


Czech Java User Group, Prague (28.11.2011)

Automate UI development [pdf] Czech Java User Group invited us to have a talk on user integit rface automated design. See the attached slides.


Charles University (24.2.2010)

Our preliminary results presented as invited talk at Charles University.