With AspectFaces we feel confident to say that you can save 10-25% on UI development and even more on the maintenance.

Comparison of approaches
  • Lots of tedious and error-prone work
  • Lots of maintenance and data model to view synchronization
  • Manual development
  • Expensive
  • Sensitive to data changes
  • Error-prone and tedious
  • Reinvented client-side validation
  • Automated generation of the UI fragment
  • Runtime data model inspection to adjust the UI to it
  • Automated and rapid development
  • Mistake elimination
  • Integrable with third party security, widgets, components
  • Immediate date change propagation to UI
  • Adaptive to end-users
  • AspectFaces is not just a scaffolding!
  • Fully controllable output by custom templates

Why should you use this?

You may have heard that approximately 50% of the time devoted to application development is consumed by user interface (UI). In addition, there exist significant dependencies to the backend part of the application and many cross-cutting concerns. It is a common practice to restate and extend backend information in presentation and mix concerns together. This results with strong coupling and hard maintenance. This all ends up with error-prone and tedious work related to UI development and maintenance.

Can reduce these efforts devoted to UI development? Can we reduce the overall time and budget. Well, if we can reduce the maintenance efforts we can get even more!

We present a new approach for UI development that reduces development efforts to minimum. Each concern is an individual (layout, security, validation, widget, etc.), and backend information are machine inspected. This way you only define your presentation once and it is distributed to UI as you aimed, furthermore it always adapt to your latest backend without any efforts!

Read more in our Factsheets and play with Live demo.