The first public announcement comes from March 8, 2008 at Seam Forum. A day earlier and email was sent to Gavin King and Pete Muir who forwards the email to seam community. The first release under name FormBuilder got positive feedback on the Seam forum and many developers sent use good feedback. Later in May 26, 2011 a complete redesign is made and under internal release name JFormBuilder, the release improves the architecture to be more modular and extensible with ability to develop custom plugins, it extends capability to support on-demand generation and layout templates. In February 23rd, 2013 at RedHat DevConf the official release of AspactFaces is made. AspectFaces add the aspect-driven approach to the architecture called READ (Rich-Entity Aspect/Audit design). READ separates the design of UI onto individual fragments for data binding, presentation, filtering, layout and validation.